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The NFL Sues M.I.a. over Middle Finger at Super Bowl

It’s a bit ironic that there is a Sri Lankan-British recording artist who goes by the name “M.I.A” being that “Missing In Action” is about the last thing she can consider herself being these days. Although her presence on the Billboard charts tends to have a bit of an ebb-and-flow, that doesn’t mean that M.I.A hasn’t been making a name for herself.

As a matter of fact, she recently made headlines for a collaboration that she has with Versace (that’s slated to be released later this month). However, while she may be smiling about the mark that she’s making in the fashion world, her name happens to be in the media for other reasons that she’s probably not all that thrilled out.

Although it’s been well over 18 months ago that M.I.A gave millions of people the middle finger during the halftime show at the 2012 Super Bowl (the one which Madonna headlined), it’s not something that the National Football League has forgotten. Ironically, while they don’t seem to mind scantily clad dressing or provocative dance, where they do seem to draw the line is hand gestures. As a matter of fact, they actually went on record and called what M.I.A did (without any beforehand knowledge on their part) “offensive”. So offensive that they are actually demanding that she not only issue a public apology for the action but that she also fork over $1.5 million dollars as well.

So, do they actually have a case? Well, legally they may have a point being that within M.I.A’s contract, there were at the very least implications of what the NFL’s standards are and being that she breeched them, the organization feels that they are due compensation.

However, what makes pursing this matter a bit challenging for them is that NBC (the network that aired the Super Bowl) nor the FCC has decided to take legal action against M.I.A. Plus, the artist is not taking their allegations lightly. Her lawyer Howard King has actually gone on record stating that M.I.A. is wanting the league to acknowledge that there are far more important things for them to focus on instead of something that happened going on two years ago for only a couple of seconds.

It’s not like this isn’t a bit reminiscent of what happened at another Super Bowl halftime event back in 2004 when Justin Timberlake inadvertently opened Janet Jackson’s top, revealing her bare breast on national television. If you can recall, the NFL didn’t just turn their heads on that either and some believe that other than the coin-phrase “wardrobe malfunction”, Janet Jackson’s career took a nose dive as a direct result.

So, if history is any indication of what M.I.A. can predict form the NFL, before she gets to a point where¬†SonicBids might be her best bet for booking shows, it really might wise to apology and come to a financial settlement because while a lot of people’s actions may forget this blaring fact, the Super Bowl is to be a family event.

Ones that really should happen without middle fingers going up in the air.

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