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5 Reasons to Report a Workplace Injury Immediately

When you have a business that consists of several employees, one thing that you want to make sure that you do is provide them an atmosphere where they can be productive and also feel safe in their environment. However, even with instruction manuals, smoke detectors and routine maintenance in the office, sometimes accidents still do happen; ones that can result in a workplace injury.

When this transpires, for the sake of you as well as the injured staff member, it’s best that you report the incident just as soon as possible. If you would like a few tips on how to go about going through that process, we’ve enclosed five below:

Stay calm. An injury is bad enough without everyone around the hurt person getting loud or anxious. So, no matter what the case may be, encourage everyone to remain calm. This will help to keep order in the office and also help the employer to not be quite as nervous.

Do not self-diagnose. Unless it’s something like a minor scrape that they got from a paper cut or in the break room that requires no more than a Band-Aid, if they complain of having a sore back or feeling like their wrist might be sprained, resist the urge to take the “You’ll be fine” approach. Sometimes an injury can seem pretty small at first but ends up becoming far more serious as time goes by. That’s why it’s important to still recommend that they see a doctor immediately or in extreme cases, you should call an ambulance.

Report it. We’re pretty sure that you know how important it is to have liability insurance because it helps to protect you in matters like an on-site employee injury. However, if you want to save money, it’s imperative that you contact your workers compensation insurer just as soon as you can. In most cases, if you do it within five days of the incident, you can avoid having to pay an excess claim amount which usually works out to about one week’s worth of the employee’s wages.

Talk to the insurance company about treatment. Another reason why it’s imperative that you report the injury is because that, in turn, will have the insurance company contact the employee about getting treatment sooner rather than later. When it comes to¬†pain management and injury relief, time is of the essence and so the longer that your employee waits, the worse off their condition could get which means you could end up paying more money.

Try and keep them productive. When an employee is away from work due to an injury, it can affect the productivity of the entire office. Therefore, do all that you can to show that you support them as they heal and even consider letting them do a bit of telecommute work until they are feeling well enough to return to the office. It will help to keep your workspace running smoothly, plus it can make your employee feel valued and when they are in the process of recovering from an office injury, at the end of the day, that is what’s most important.

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