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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Nobody wants to find themselves in the position of having to hire a divorce lawyer. But whether you’ve decided to leave your spouse or the situation is reversed, you need to make sure you have the legal protection a qualified attorney can provide. You don’t want to think that the person you’re married to is willing to rake you over the coals and take you for all you’ve got. You don’t want to believe that the one-time love of your life would lie to win, or to take the kids. But when married couples split, emotions run high. In short, these things happen. That said, you want to make sure that you hire the best lawyer for your particular divorce case. And having a few questions in mind can make the process of finding your lawyer a bit smoother. Here are some queries to keep in mind.

  1. Is he a specialist? You want to make sure, first and foremost, that any lawyer you consider hiring specializes in family law. So if the office you come to for a consultation features a laundry list of cases the lawyer is willing to take on, including criminal charges, injury claims, and lawsuits of every stripe, perhaps you’ll want to keep looking. With laws constantly changing, you want to make sure the professional you hire has the knowledge and experience to give you the best chance of settling your divorce on your terms, or at least amicably and fairly. In order to do this, he needs to have a focus on family law.
  2. What is his record? A strong track record of winning cases won’t necessarily ensure that your attorney can help you to win your case. But the odds are in your favor. So don’t hesitate to ask about how many cases like yours he has handled and how often he has won, lost, or at least helped his clients to reach an agreement. You might also inquire as to his position about going to court. A good lawyer will try to avoid this if possible as a way to save his client money and hassle. But he’ll certainly be prepared for that outcome, just in case.
  3. Is he both qualified and compassionate? In addition to having the proper education, credentials, and track record to help you through your divorce, you probably want to hire a lawyer that displays some level of sympathy for your situation. If you want to hear how wrong you are about your divorce, you could simply talk to your soon-to-be ex. While you don’t necessarily want lip service from your lawyer, it can’t hurt to find someone who you feel cares about the emotional pain you’re suffering and the stresses of your situation.
  4. What does he charge? There’s just no getting around the fact that divorce means you’re losing money. When you and your spouse split up, you’ll now have the cost of two households to consider, not to mention the potential cost of alimony and child support approaching. So money is of primary concern. You won’t likely find an attorney to take a standard divorce case pro bono, so it’s important to find a lawyer that offers rates you can afford.
  5. Can he offer you options? Some attorneys insist on avoiding the courtroom at all costs, while others are gung-ho to gut your spouse and get everything they can. What you want, though, aside from a happy medium, is an attorney that can offer you plenty of options when it comes to the progression of your divorce. Hiring a reputable firm like Campo Blumenfeld Attorneys at Law can help you here.

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