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5 Tips for Quickly Resolving a Car Accident Injury Claim

After you get into a car accident, it is important to claim injuries and damages almost immediately after you step out of your vehicle. In that moment, a lot of things could determine who takes the blame. If you say anything or admit fault, you could lose your argument and your insurance could skyrocket. If the collision wasn’t your fault, it is important to stay calm, assess the damage and build evidence for your case. When it comes to resolving car accident injury claims, it is important to have the burden of proof against the other driver and you want to make sure that your argument as clear-cut as possible. Here are five tips for quickly resolving a car accident injury claim.

  1. Never admit fault. After a collision, especially one in which you were injured, you may make claims that you aren’t entirely sure of. However, it is important that whatever you say – to the other driver, to emergency responders and even witnesses – could be used against you. Even if someone asks you a question, you want to make sure you consult with both your lawyer and your insurance company before you answer.
  2. Take photographs of everything. Not only do you want to make sure to take pictures of your injuries, but you also want to take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, skid marks in the road, the clouds in the sky – all of these things can be factored into your argument and claim. If they try to put the blame on you, you could show them pictures of the sun glaring and put the blame on the afternoon lighting conditions. You also want to take pictures of the other driver’s insurance info and license – just to make sure you have all the right info.
  3. Gather witness testimony. It is also critical that you gather as much witness testimony as possible. In a major collision, it may be hard to know exactly what happened – the same goes for the other drivers in the collision. So, it is important to have the word of people who witnessed the accident, because their testimony could be stronger than yours or the other driver’s, especially in a deposition where a lawyer or insurance representative will want hard evidence.
  4. Ask the police for video coverage of the collision. In many cities, there are cameras located above intersections. The video coverage could be all the evidence you need to get your claim covered. When it comes to your insurance policy – whether you have a low cost Arizona car insurance policy or a policy in another state – a representative will want to see unclouded evidence that the other driver was as fault.
  5. Make sure to have medical records. Medical records will be instrumental in quickly resolving your accident injury claim. For instance, if you broke your arm in a vehicle collision, you will want to send your insurance company x-rays, reports from the doctors and any other notes. In the end, the last thing you want is to be fiscally responsible for injuries that were caused by the negligence of another driver.

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