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British Knife Laws for Buying and Carrying

There are a lot of instances where buying and carrying a knife is important. For one, knives offer protection. Knives can also be used in sport. In some cases, you may be a collector of knives. Yet, one of the main things everyone can agree on is that knives are weapons with the capability to maim, injure or kill, which is why safety is so important. It is also the reason why knife legislation is created. If you are in the U.K., you want to pay very close attention to some of these buying and carrying laws. Here are some British knife laws for buying and carrying.

One of the first laws that you need to keep in mind is that you can’t walk around with a knife without a court-validated reason. There needs to be a legal reason for you to keep a weapon on you of any kind. The only knives that you are allowed to carry are knives that are less than three inches long and can be retracted back into a sheath. For instance, Swordsaxe has many small knives that you can purchase that would be just fine to keep in your pocket or briefcase – they also carry larger knives that would not be legal to carry around on your person.

Also, it is illegal to purchase a knife that is concealed inconspicuously. For instance, butterfly knives that can be released by swinging the blade around and switchblades that can be released when you press a button are illegal. These knives are considered dangerous weapons and are expressly forbidden. In most cases, you can’t even purchase these types of knives in Britain.

You can own a large knife for your own private collection, but it must be antique or have some kind of historical merit. Also, you cannot use this knife for any purpose besides exhibition. These knives include war knives, Samurai blades and other large ephemera knives. Some of these knives are incredibly dangerous, so you must keep them in a case at all times – even in your own home. One slip or fall and you could injure yourself or someone else. These knives can also be legal if they are used in the presence of a professional knife handler and if they are going to be used in a play or performance.

At the end of the day, knowing the knife buying and carrying laws in Britain is incredibly important, because you certainly don’t want to get in trouble. Also, you don’t want your knife to get taken away, which will undoubtedly happen if you break the law. Moreover, you don’t want to face the punishment for improper ownership and usage of a knife. The penalty for these crimes includes a jail sentence and a large fine. In some cases, you could be put in jail for four years, which is the maximum sentence. In the end, if you are a knife enthusiast and you live in the United Kingdom, you want to know all the laws before you start collecting.

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