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How to Prep for a Career in Family Law

Entering the world of family law can offer a lot of opportunities. Of course, there are the financial rewards, but there are also some fulfilling personal rewards as well. This is especially the case in custody battles – when you can fight for a fair ruling for all parties involved. The truth is that all families will have their battles – at one time or another – and will need someone to fight for their case in a court of law. If you have your degree, or if you have a year or so left of law school, it is important to start getting prepared for your career. Oftentimes, hitting the ground running can be daunting and you may land on the wrong foot. Here is how to prep for a career in family law.

First, it is important to understand the full breadth of what your career will entail. Primarily, you will be working with families on a number of different cases. You may be working with a recently divorced spouse trying to gain custody of his or her children. You may be working on an adoption case – fighting for a family’s right to adopt a child. You may even be fighting for children – to reach an emancipation agreement from neglectful parents or a custody transfer into the hands of another relative.

Once you know exactly what you are getting into, you may want to spend some time as an intern at a family law firm, like Griffith, Young and Lass, APC. This can help you get a grasp of what it will be like to work at a real firm. You may be doing everything from filling out forms, filing documents, and filming depositions. It is one thing to learn about the world of family law in a college setting, but if you really want to enter the career with real world knowledge, you’ll want to intern. Not only will you gain invaluable experience – you may also be able to build references.

Next, you want to pass your state bar exam before you start looking for jobs. If you haven’t passed your state bar exam, you will need to prepare for your test. The exam will be your make it or break it moment. Once you pass, you will be able to apply for jobs and you will legally be allowed to practice family law. When it comes down to it, this exam is difficult – you will need to study extensively. Not only will the exam go over basic questions about the law – it will also judge whether or not you grasp the importance of the law. If you study thoroughly and get plenty of sleep the night before the exam, you should be able to pass.

In the end, family law is a growing sector of the legal world. With different marriage structures and new laws, family lawyers are becoming more in demand. If you aren’t sure what kind of law you want to practice, you may find a rewarding career in the world of family law.

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