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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer for a Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest traumas to suffer. If you have lost someone in a situation that could have been easily prevented, it can add a lot of anger to your despair. Unfortunately, these days a lot of individuals and businesses will cut corners in order to save money, even if they know that they are putting people in danger. Whether it be the product of negligence or stupidity, there is no excuse for anyone to have that kind of power if they cannot fulfill their responsibilities. However, these people often have some of the best lawyers to protect them. If you are attempting to sue someone for the death of your loved one, here are a few factors to consider when hiring a lawyer for a wrongful death claim.

  1. Make sure that the wrongful death attorney has a history of similar cases – ideally, you want someone with experience in the field. The more specific their experience is to the case that you are opening the better. Just because a lawyer has a great reputation and history of winning, it doesn’t mean that they can win your particular case.
  2. Make sure that the attorney is known for winning cases – for instance, lawyers like Watson Burns, PLLC have a reputation for making sure the plaintiff walks out of the courtroom happy after a judge’s decision. A wrongful death suit can be tough to get through, but you want your lawyer to be there every step of the way. In the end, there’s no way to make sense of the tragedy you have been forced to endure, but if justice can be served in any way it can help significantly in finding closure.
  3. Make sure that your lawyer is familiar with the defendant’s legal team – if you think about it, a lawsuit can play out like a sports game on a field. It is critical for your lawyer to be like a coach that can see the other team’s moves ahead of time. If your lawyer is not familiar with the tactics that the defense attorney likes to play, then he or she won’t know how to catch them off guard.
  4. Make sure that you can afford your lawyer – some lawyers are astronomically expensive, but others are a lot more affordable and may even work pro bono. If you can’t even come close to paying as much for your lawyers as the defendant is, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to win your case, no matter how obvious it seems.
  5. Make sure that you really have a strong case – if the case isn’t as strong, your lawyer may charge you, collect his or her monies and then call it a day – and you could lose your case no matter what. In fact, some lawyers make their living that way. If they can’t build a reputation for winning, they will just charge significantly less than their contemporaries and charge their clients for losing cases.

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